Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders and Other Cases is a cooperative game of solving crimes with the science of deduction for 1-8 investigators.

Like previous adventures in the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective line, every case in The Thames Murders and Other Cases draws you into a perplexing mystery on the streets of Victorian London. Each case begins the same way—with an introduction read aloud, relaying the facts of the case.

From that starting point, the city of London opens up before you. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective offers a drastic departure from every other board game—even other cooperative games. You and your friends are not confined by taking turns, one after another. You aren’t even limited in where you can go. The entire city of London is yours to investigate and explore, spread out on a physical map for you to pore over.

Beginning your investigation is simply a matter of deciding where you want to go on the map. Perhaps you and your fellow investigators decide to visit the scene of the crime and search the area for clues. Every location on the map corresponds to a simple set of coordinates—by looking up those coordinates in your case book, you’ll be able to read what you find at the scene of the crime. The passages within this case book give you the chance to notice suspicious objects and read your interviews with suspects… but you won’t find your way too far without consulting some of the other resources at your disposal.

The clues are all before you, and ten unique cases await in The Thames Murders and Other Cases. From the curious case of The Munitions Magnate, to The Pilfered Paintings, to The Mummy’s Curse, every case offers a new challenge for your deductive skills. It’s up to you and your friends to conduct your own investigations, visiting the witnesses, the suspects, and the scene of the crime in order to piece together the narrative behind each crime.

Do you have the cunning and the deductive prowess to solve your way through ten more cases for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective? Even if you’ve played these cases before, some of the new tweaks and changes may surprise you.

Important note: The ten cases in The Thames Murders and Other Cases are the same ten cases released in the Ystari version of the game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, now fully revised and retranslated. The solutions and contents of some cases have changed.

Designer:  Suzanne Goldberg, Gary Grady, Raymond Edwards
Publisher:  Asmodee, Space Cowboys
Player numbers:  1-8
Recommended Age:  14+
Game Time: 60-120 mins

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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures expands this game but is a stand alone game in it’s own right.

Product Contents:

10 Case Booklets
10 Newspapers
1 Map of London
1 London Directory


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