Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Carlton House & Queen’s Park


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Carlton House & Queen’s park is a cooperative game of solving crimes with the science of deduction for 1-8 investigators.

The fog creeping its way through the streets of London envelopes you in mist. The streets are lined with gas lit lamps, highlighting the various shops and other establishments. Victorian London is known for its greatness, but within the dark streets, devious acts of crime are committed far too often. Outcries from the beautiful Queen’s Park can be heard, warning all that are within earshot that something is perpetually amiss. Whispers in dark taverns mention the mysterious Carlton House Mansion—the crimes that have been committed inside are both unspeakable and incredibly difficult to solve.

Like previous adventures in the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective line, every case in Carlton House & Queen’s Park draws you into a perplexing mystery in Victorian London. Each case begins the same way—with an introduction read aloud, relaying the facts of the case but the rest is up to you.

From that starting point, the city of London opens up before you.  Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective offers a drastic departure from every other board game—even other cooperative games. You and your friends are not confined by taking turns, one after another. You aren’t even limited in where you can go. The entire city of London is yours to investigate and explore, spread out on a physical map for you to pore over.

It’s up to you and your friends to conduct your own investigations, visiting the witnesses, the suspects, and the scene of the crime in order to piece together the narrative behind each crime.

Do you have the cunning and the deductive prowess to solve your way through ten more cases for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective? Even if you’ve played these cases before, some of the new tweaks and changes may surprise you.

This edition includes 10 cases for you to solve as you enter the world as one of Victoria London’s Baker Street Irregulars.

This new stand alone expansion includes some of the most rare and long out-of-print expansions from the original game by Ystari. These cases have been updated and revised, correcting errors that existed in previous edition.

Designer:  Suzanne Goldberg, Gary Grady, Raymond Edwards, Thomas Cauet
Publisher:  Asmodee, Space Cowboys
Player numbers:  1-8 players
Recommended Age:  14+
Game Time: 90 mins

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Product Contents:

10 Case Booklets
10 Newspapers
1 Map of London
3 additional Maps
1 London Directory
1 Envelope with 12 Clues


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