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Product Description

In Catan, each player battles it out to be the dominant group on the island of Catan, through acquiring victory points. With millions of copies sold world wide, Catan is an absolute must for your board game collection.

This is a 5th Edition product. 5th Edition has different artwork on the front of the cards and tiles but the backs are the same and 5th Edition games and expansions are compatible with 4th Edition games and expansions. Scroll to the bottom of this listing to identify the difference between 4th and 5th Edition.

In Catan, players collect the resources; brick, sheep, ore, wood and wheat, in order to build up their civilizations through building roads, settlements and cities. Players acquire the resources through a combination of dice rolls and trading with their opponents, with ports or with the bank. Players also have the opportunity to use their resources to purchase development cards, which either give them privileges that will benefit them in the game, or award them a secret victory point, only revealed to the other players at the end.

In Catan, each settlement, city and development card victory point gained, gets players closer to the ultimate goal; to be the first player to gain 10 victory points, therefore winning game.

Catan is a multi-award-winning game, and one of the most popular games in recent history, due to its amazing ability to appeal to non-gamers and gamers alike.

The difference between 4th and 5th Edition:

5th Edition Catan looks like this:
Catan 5th Ed Sq
4th Edition The Settlers of Catan looks like this:
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4 reviews for Catan

  1. Craig

    It’s a classic, and I still play a game (with or without one of its expansions) every couple of months. Over time, I’ve come to love it and hate it, but it still amazes me that a new player can sit down and win, even when I’ve played 100+ games. Maybe that’s just me 😛

  2. michael.j.barlev

    Excellent game, simply excellent.
    A must have favourite in the family.
    The base game is all we play, and have played more than 50.
    One game can leave you feeling ‘robbed’ – literally – and wanting a chance to win, with subsequent games right away.

  3. mel.indiedesigns (verified owner)

    This game is a lot of fun, we played it back to back the first time for over 3 hours. Easy to learn with enough depth to keep you wanting more. The game is a good mix of strategy and luck, can’t wait to try the expansions.

  4. Heber

    Settlers of Catan was given to us as a gift a couple of years ago. We have edition 4. It is probably our favorite game that we enjoy even between just 2 of us. We even vary the rules to add a challenge for us.
    The cards have been so we’ll used but we can’t find where to access replacement cards.
    The new edition version has the letters on the back of the number buttons. This doesn’t work for us when we vary our game and randomly place to buttons with the numbers down. After we pick our settlement spots we then turn over the numbers to see what we have to play with. With the letters you can memorize the numbers.
    Awesome game. We were given the seafarers expansion game but haven’t figured out yet how that works with our current game.

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