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Product Description

Race For The Galaxy is a fast paced and highly addictive game, where players work simultaneously to develop the most powerful space empire.

In Race For The Galaxy, players simultaneously and silently choose an action each turn. The actions include; Explore, Develop, Trade, Consume and Produce. Each of these actions yield different benefits. With the ultimate aim of gaining the most victory points, players must decide which of the actions is most prudent for them that turn.

Race For The Galaxy is a highly strategic game that requires players to think on their feet, as each player races to be the first to complete their galactic civilisation.

With multiple ways to win the game, Race For The Galaxy has a high replay factor and is a relatively quick game to play, making it very popular amongst gamers and non-gamers alike.


Race For The Galaxy: The Gathering Storm

Race For The Galaxy: Rebel Vs Imperium

Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts

Race For The Galaxy: The Brink Of War

1 review for Race For The Galaxy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brilliant game – very steep learning curve, but once you’re over that, it’s quite immersive with lots of replayability. Great for 2 players, you can build up a good rivalry over lots of games, and great for traveling since it’s so compact. There’s not a great deal of interaction though. Similar mechanic to Puerto Rico, in that players choose actions, then everyone does them, with the players who chose the action getting a bonus.

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