My Date with a Zombie


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Some days you just can’t seem to pull yourself together in this fun and quirky family game.


In My Date with a Zombie, your job is simple (or is it?). Help your zombie friend get themselves together and ready for their upcoming date.  Collect Head, Body, Arms, Legs and, when possible, grab a bonus item to make the date extra special – Flowers, Golf Clubs, Climbing Rope, etc.

Draw from a deck of cards with a variety of zombie parts associated with a variety of dates. Each round you choose from a number of actions (place, swap, draw, trade, bid or start over) in an effort to build the best date you can. Points are awarded based on the success of getting ready for your date, the bonus items and how carefully you manage your bidding.

The player with the highest score after the agreed-upon number of rounds wins the game.

With a wonderful balance of strategy and luck, this quirky game of card collecting is easy to learn and fun to play.

Designer: Alayn Clint
Publisher: Gametime Again
Player numbers: 2-6 Players
Recommended Age: 6+
Game Time: 15-45 minutes

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