Memoir ’44: Through Jungle and Desert


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Through the Jungle…
Lead your men through the merciless jungle of Burma, trying to escape the Japanese grasp or rush to Rangoon before the British forces evacuate the city. Discover the tangled fighting conditions of jungle warfare – your enemy might be the jungle itself!

… and over the Desert
Fight the very first tank battle between US and German forces in the sands of North Africa, where Stuart and Panzer clash in the middle of the desert. Hide behind ridges, ambush your opponent, and victory will be yours.


Through Jungle and Desert, the second instalment in Days of Wonders’ second series of Memoir ’44 Battle Maps, includes six standard pre-printed scenarios with historical background and special rules, one token punchboard, and two new decks of combat cards: a Jungle Combat Cards deck and a Desert Combat Cards deck.

The Jungle’s scenarios can be played separately or as a campaign, with each scenario outcome impacting the following one. In addition, this expansion features two pre-printed Overlord scenarios that allow you to fight for Henderson Field in Guadalcanal or conduct a huge desert battle that marks the beginning of the second battle of El Alamein in Operation Lightfoot.

To use this expansion, you need at least one copy of Memoir ’44 as well as the Pacific Theater and Mediterranean Theater expansions. The publisher also recommends the Terrain Pack and Equipment Pack expansions.

Designer:  Richard Borg
Publisher:  Days of Wonder
Player numbers: 2-8 Players
Recommended Age: 8+
Game Time: 30-60 minutes

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This is not a stand-alone product and requires a copy of Memoir ’44 AND Memoir ’44: Mediterranean Theater AND Memoir ’44: Pacific Theater to play.



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