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Create wildlife sanctuaries and rescue more creatures than your opponents in Kiwi-designed Komodo!


Astronomers claim the world is in danger!

With an asteroid headed this way, the race is on to rescue as many species as possible by securing them in wildlife sanctuaries and out of harm’s way.

A tile laying game, Komodo promises a different board layout every time, as well as options for competitive or co-operative play.

Komodo is addictive, easy to pick up, and – even better – Kiwi made!

Players are zoologists attempting to build new habitats for Australasian animals imperilled by an incoming asteroid. Each player holds two animal cards stating the type and amount of terrain needed, five multi-terrain tiles, and wild cards. On a turn, they may lay up to three tiles, place one or both of their animals in free-form contiguous blocks of appropriate terrain, and use all or some of their wild cards. The starter tile has two blocks of each of the four terrain types: forest, grassland, desert and water. The number of blocks of terrain needed by an animal is equivalent to the number of points you can score by placing it. When the tile supply is exhausted, each player takes a final turn, then loses points for any unplaced animals still in hand. The player with the highest score wins.

Komodo can be played competitively in both basic or strategic mode. In the former, wild cards are obtained randomly; in the latter, players can choose their wild cards. Actions permitted by a wild card include: releasing animals to free up their terrain; bartering or stealing terrain tiles; remodeling tiles already placed; and forcing an exchange of animals.

In the cooperative version of Komodo, all 32 animals must be housed and each player must place at least one animal during their turn. The game is played open-handed, and the wild cards hinder the players.


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