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Kiwetin is a light, family, race-style game for 2-6 spirits of the Kiwetin forest.

A race has begun. Spirits from the Kiwetin forest started to run wild. With the wind’s help, they will have to find their way and try to arrive first in order to get the sacred flower. However, the wind will play a few tricks on them. It will be a help or a hindrance.

The goal of Kiwetin is simple: reach the sacred flower first.

Kiwetin is a simple and addictive fast-paced boardgame. You will play as one of the spirits. Your character’s ability affects the way you move on the board. The randomly placed action tiles offer a unique experience during each game.

In order to succeed, you’ll have to avoid hindrances and take advantage of the winds. Each spirit that you play moves at a different speed to offer a wide range of approaches. Action tiles are randomly placed on the board, so every game is unique. Runes cards are distributed at the beginning of each party in order to empower player decision\action.

Beware of whirlwinds because you might turn everything upside down!

Designer: Thomas Filippi, Gary Paitre
Publisher: Flyos Games
Player numbers: 2-6
Recommended Age: 7+
Game Time: 5-20 min

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