King Shag


A new drinking game has arrived in New Zealand. This game uses mind-blowing illustrations, designed by local Kiwi Shannon Brocas, on each card to explain the task/rule. Over 13 different types of task cards in the game, including a kiwi as quiz


King Shag is an educational party game that can be played with 4 or more players. Before you begin, make sure you have a glass which you can place in the middle of the table surrounded by the circle of cards.

This glass will be used to pour drinks in, explained later on\ in the instructions. It will also be handy to have your own shots or drinks which will be consumed throughout the game.

To begin make sure you find yourselves in a well lit and comfortable position. Spread the cards face down evenly around the glass.
The first player draws a card and in the same motion, immediately places it face up for everyone to see.

Each card represents a game or task which must be completed. The loser of each task has to either have a shot or a drink before the next player draws a card. Remove the cards that have already been played and set them aside. (Perhaps for a round 2 later on)

Gameplay continues until the 4th and final King Shag is drawn. This is then the end of the game. The person who has drawn the final King Shag has now become the “King shag” and has to finish what has accumulated in the glass, throughout gameplay!

Designer: Chantel Landman
Player numbers: 4+
Recommended Age: 18+


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