Holi: Festival of Colors


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Every spring, celebrants gather to spread colour and cheer during one of India’s most vibrant festivals. Move around the festival grounds throwing coloured “gulaal” powder onto your friends and the crowd. Aim higher and let your colour fall from above on as many people as you can. For Holi is a time for playful mischief and a little friendly rivalry is just what the festival calls for


In Holi: Festival of Colors, players gain joy by throwing colour on the boards (higher levels are worth more points), getting colour on others, and from collecting sweets. Play your colour cards cleverly, climb up at the right time, and spread the most joy!

Mechanisms & Features
Area Control – Colored powder tokens spread across the board and onto other players, covering the board in the pattern selected
3-Tier Board – Players ascend to have their powder fall from above, giving up victory points for better control
Puzzle-like Action Selection – Color cards determine the pattern coloured powder will fly in, giving players room to select the pattern that works best for them.
Variable Scoring Condition – Each game can have slightly different scoring conditions, adding depth and replayability

Designer: Julio E. Nazario
Publisher: Floodgate Games
Player numbers: 2-4 Players
Recommended Age: 13+
Game Time: 20-40 minutes

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