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Intruders have made their way onto your ship, and their goal is total destruction! More than twenty bombs have been detected onboard, and the countdown has begun. Your elite Bomb Defusal Team (BDT) has been called upon to neutralize the threat. Does your team have what it takes to work through the intricacies of the bombs and defuse them all in time?

FUSE is a real-time co-operative game that employs 25 dice and 65 cards. Each game is set to a ten-minute timer, and players must work together in that ten minutes to defuse all of the bombs. Each bomb is represented by a card which needs a certain combination of dice in order to defuse it. A player will draw a number of dice equal to the number of players out of a bag and roll them. Players must then decide who will get which dice, but each player must take one and only one.

It’s a simple task: maximize the potential of your dice among all of the players. The problem is that you have only ten minutes, and there are more than twenty bombs on your ship. You don’t have time to think through every option. You barely have time to yell at Grandma as she reaches for that red die you need. This game will self-destruct in ten minutes…

Designer: Kane Klenko
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Player numbers: 1-5 Players
Recommended Age: 10+
Game Time: 10 minutes

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2016 Mensa Recommended


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2 reviews for FUSE

  1. Kyle Johnson

    You have 10 minutes. Draw dice, roll them, and use the colours and numbers on those dice to fill the requirements of cards (combinations of numbers, colours, greater than, less than, equal to etc.). Can’t place a dice? Ok, roll that dice, each player must remove a die of that colour or number off of one of the cards they are working on, if they can.

    This all sounds very easy, and it is, until you have to complete 20+ cards as quickly as possible with minimal time-wasting, and efficient communication.

    Do not play this game with people who don’t co-operate with others, or handle stress well. You don’t know stress until you are down to less than a second left and pulling off the ‘Hail Mary’ dice roll to save the game. Fuse is a potentially polarising game that will great for some players, and definitely not for others. Hectic fun!

  2. Telina

    Fuse is frantic, chaotic fun. Like BMX for boardgamers. Your adrenaline is going as you look down to quickly try to figure out what dice you need in the second it takes to roll the dice, everyone calls out which one they want. It’s a loud, rushed game. No alpha gamers here as it’s hard enough to keep track of your own needs let alone others’. The app is just a timer so can be played without but it does add a bit of extra stress with the sounds it makes. I really like that you can change the difficulty in different ways so it gives it quite a bit of replayability and a challenge if you get “too good”. I also really like that it’s ten minutes; any more and I couldn’t cope with the stress, but it’s not too short either. Plus, once you’re done it doesn’t feel like too much to say “let’s go again”.

    Can definitely recommend for gamers seeking a thrill.

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