Forbidden Desert


Gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. You’ll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the forbidden desert!

In Forbidden Desert, a thematic sequel to Forbidden Island, players take on the roles of brave adventurers who must throw caution to the wind and survive both blistering heat and blustering sand in order to recover a legendary flying machine buried under an ancient desert city. While featuring cooperative gameplay similar to Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert is a fresh new game based around an innovative set of mechanisms, such as an ever-shifting board, individual resource management, and a unique method for locating the flying machine parts.

2 reviews for Forbidden Desert

  1. Kyle

    Forbidden Desert is a good gateway game into the co-op gaming universe. The game could easily be played with families and older kids (maybe, 9-10?) and has enough substance where adults can quite happily play it.

    The game has a nice cohesive theme, interesting mechanics and doesn’t suffer from a fixed board layout, so it has solid replayability.

    Things can get tense in later game when it comes down to the wire, co-operation and co-ordination is must!

    The game may be a bit too simplistic for some, or may hit the perfect balance for lighter gamers; either way, it’s one you can easily pull out to play with non-gamers.

  2. Telina

    A solid co-op game with great replayability. We pull this out with gamers and non-gamers alike. This is a game that runs the risk of an alpha taking over everyone’s turns though. We really enjoy it as a light co-op between heavier games or when we’re short of time.

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