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Ever struggled to figure out the objective of a game? That’s precisely the point with Fluxx!


Fluxx is a card game in which the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game. By playing cards, you change numerous aspects of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win.

At the start of the game, each player holds three cards and on a turn a player draws one card, then plays one card. By playing cards, you can put new rules into play that change numerous aspects of the game: how many cards to draw or play, how many cards you can hold in hand or keep on the table in front of you, and (most importantly) how to win the game. There are many editions, themed siblings, and promo cards available.

2 reviews for Fluxx

  1. Kyle

    Fluxx, is a light, silly, filler game which is redonkulously (yes, redonkulously) simple to teach. It is by no means bad but you should know what you’re getting into.

    The rules are simple, there are two rules at the start, more rules get added as the game progresses but the current rules are always displayed on the table for everyone to see (draw (x), play (y)).

    The seemingly complete randomness of the game prevents a massive strategic advantage for repeat players and also a fixed end game strategy. The chaotic nature is both the charm and Achilles heel of this game which makes it easy to entice non-gamers into playing but may irritate a more seasoned and strategic gamers.

    It might be possible with a good memory for all the cards to come up with a fairly solid strategy but for most it will just be some light silliness. Otherwise I find it too random for my taste.

  2. Anton Angelo

    Love it or hate it, this game stirs emotions. Its a game for playing, not for winning.

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