Explorers of the North Sea

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Explorers of the North Sea is a medium intensity, tile exploration, area control game for 1-4 players set in the Viking Age.

This third game in The North Sea Trilogy is set in the latter years of the Viking Age. As ambitious sea captains, players seek out new lands to settle and control. They will need to transport their crew among the newly discovered islands to capture livestock, construct outposts and fulfill various other goals. So ready the longships, there are new horizons to explore!

Each player starts with 7 Vikings and a Longboat on a shared, central Island. From there players will place tiles and begin to venture out to the newly discovered Islands. On their turn, players first place 1 of their 3 tiles, expanding the game board. They can then take up to 4 actions. After taking their actions, players draw a new tile to their hand, ending their turn. The game ends immediately after the turn where the player holding the Winter Token has no more Tiles in hand. This should be exactly 48 turns as there are 48 Tiles.

This game is a sequel to Shipwrights of the North Sea and Raiders of the North Sea.

Designer:  Shem Phillips
Publisher:  Garphill Games
Player numbers:   1-4 players
Recommended Age:  12+
Game Time:  45-60 mins

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Explorers of the North Sea: Rocks of Ruin (adds another player)

The North Sea Runesaga (requires all three games in The North Sea Trilogy)

1 review for Explorers of the North Sea

  1. Telina

    Explorers is my favourite game of the trilogy and made even better if you get the expansion. Really easy to learn/teach, we’ve even introduced it to non-gamers with everyone enjoying it. It’s got plenty of depth and strategy with just enough luck in the tiles that you draw. You always feel like you’re doing something and between turns you’re busy thinking about your next few moves. You can interfere with your opponents or keep out of each other’s way, depending on your groups play style. Fantastic game. I always recommend it.

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