Exit: The Game – The Stormy Flight


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You are part of the crew of a passenger plane headed to Barbados. Suddenly you get into the middle of an electrical storm. Water penetrates the machine and parts of the technology fail. Will your team be able to repair the aircraft and land safely? There is not much time left…


Exit: The Game – The Stormy Flight is a medium weight cooperative puzzle-solving escape room type game for 1-4 players.

Exit: The Game provides a series of unique riddles and puzzles to be solved in order to win the game. The Exit series won the prestigious 2017  Kennerspiele des Jahres (Gamer’s Game of the Year) and is a growing collection of themed adventures each giving a different set of puzzles and challenges to players. Each game can only be played once, as materials are marked, folded and torn up during the course of play. An escape room game for the home that will have you scratching your head and stretching your brain.

Designer: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Publisher: Kosmos
Player numbers: 1-4 Players
Recommended Age: 12+
Game Time: 60-120 minutes

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