Exit: The Game – The Forbidden Castle

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Finally, a vacation! This year, you’re going to an idyllic village in the mountains. Instead of driving, you decide to take the train this time. After a three hour delay, you arrive in your vacation rental, where you find various brochures for local events and attractions — including an impressive castle. The flyer looks quite amateur and self-printed, but you’re a sucker for medieval castles!

The next day, you get up and go to the castle. There’s no ticket booth. No one else appears to be around. Well, at least you can explore the place in peace! You enter the castle and find yourself in a magnificent throne room. Suddenly the big, wooden door locks behind you and you realize that maybe (again) this was not such a good idea …

The castle is full of mysteries. Only if you can solve all of the puzzles together in time will you escape. If not, your creepy host will probably never let you leave again …


Exit: The Game – The Forbidden Castle is a medium weight cooperative puzzle-solving escape room type game for 1-4 players.

Exit: The Game provides a series of unique riddles and puzzles to be solved in order to win the game. The Exit series won the prestigious 2017  Kennerspiele des Jahres (Gamer’s Game of the Year) and is a growing collection of themed adventures each giving a different set of puzzles and challenges to players. Each game can only be played once, as materials are marked, folded and torn up during the course of play. An escape room game for the home that will have you scratching your head and stretching your brain.

Designer: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Publisher: Kosmos
Player numbers: 1-4
Recommended Age: 12+
Game Time: 60-120 min

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Product Contents:

  • 88 Cards
    • 24 Riddle Cards
    • 31 Answer Cards
    • 33 Help Cards
  • 4 Strange Items
  • 1 Book
  • 1 Decoder Disk

1 review for Exit: The Game – The Forbidden Castle

  1. Dawn Quigley

    In this game you’re trying to escape a castle, this is one of the hardest Exit games, not for beginners. But if you’ve played all the other ones and are ready for the challenge jump on in! While I liked this game I found it quite challenging myself it wasn’t too hard to figure out what we had to do but trying to get it to work properly and get the desired out come was a little bit of a struggle. Took us a bit longer to get the right results and there was one part where we knew what we had to do but couldn’t get it to look right and had to just go for the solution. All in all not bad but will go for some simpler ones next time!

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