Eldritch Horror: Under the Pyramids

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Ancient secrets, sandblasted ruins, and unprecedented horrors await in Under the Pyramids!


Eldritch Horror: Under the Pyramids is an expansion for the medium level, cooperative game Eldritch Horror.

Under the Pyramids, an expansion for Eldritch Horror opens up six new locations throughout Egypt for you to explore. Your adventures are not, however, limited to the timeworn temples and tombs of Egypt. Deep in the wilderness dwell the grotesque and malicious children of a creature far elder than the Dark Pharaoh: Abhoth, the chaotic source of all uncleanliness on Earth.

This sideboard expansion opens up six new locations through Egypt, including bustling Cairo, ancient Tel El-Amarna, and the shining, snaking, Nile River. Yet the Egypt of the 1920s is hardly a safe tourist destination. Amid the cultural tumult and political instability of this modernizing African nation, countless Cultists are working to bring about the return of an ancient and powerful evil known as the Dark Pharoah. If he should rise up to rule Egypt once more with his iron will, he would doom all humankind to wretched, cruel slavery.

Fighting this battle against terrible evil are eight more investigators, aided by invaluable Relics, powerful Glamour spells, and legendary allies. The Museum Heist Adventure cards lead you on a hunt for stolen antiquities, and six more preludes that can transform your games of Eldritch Horror in innovative and thematic ways.

Under the Pyramids includes:

  • A sideboard that opens up six locations spread across Egypt and North Africa
  • A rulebook to guide your journey down the Nile and into the Sahara
  • Two Ancient Ones, each with unique Mystery, Research, and Special Encounters decks
  • Eight new Investigators
  • Plentiful new Unique Assets, Conditions, Spells, Artifacts, Gates, and Monsters

Designer:  Nikki Valens
Publisher:  Fantasy Flight Games
Player numbers:  1 – 8
Recommended Age:  14+
Game Time: 120 – 240 mins

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Product Contents:

  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 8 Investigator sheets
  • 2 Ancient One sheets
  • 22 Mythos cards (8 Yellow, 8 Green, 6 Blue)
  • 48 Location Encounter cards (12 per continent, 12 generic)
  • 48 Research Encounter cards (1 deck of 24 each for Abhoth and Nephren-Ka)
  • 6 Other World Encounter cards
  • 12 Expedition Encounter cards
  • 40 Special Encounter cards (2 decks of 8 cards each for Nephren-Ka, 1 deck of 16 cards and 1 deck of 8 cards for Abhoth)
  • 12 Mystery cards (6 each for Nephren-Ka and Abhoth)
  • 6 Adventure cards
  • 6 Prelude cards
  • 4 Artifact cards
  • 16 Asset cards
  • 16 Condition cards
  • 24 Spell cards
  • 35 Unique Asset cards
  • 12 Monster tokens (7 regular, 5 epic)
  • 6 Clue tokens
  • 20 Impairment tokens
  • 6 Gate tokens
  • 1 Adventure token
  • 1 Mystery token
  • 1 Active Expedition token
  • 8 Plastic stands
  • 12 Health and Sanity Tokens

This is not a stand-alone product and requires a copy of Eldritch Horror to play.


1 review for Eldritch Horror: Under the Pyramids

  1. Phil

    A great addition for fans of the Eldritch Horror game – introduces the Egypt/North Africa mini-board (accessed from 3 sites on the main board) for all those Egyptologists out there! The new Big Bad, the “Black Pharaoh” Nephren-Ka, along with his nasty minions. Like the Mansions of Madness, the mini-board has its own dedicated encounter decks, as well as its own Prelude series Adventure. With 25 research cards for the Black Pharaoh, there is plenty of replayability on this scenario alone.
    Tied in with that are a huge swag of extra cards for the main-game itself: extra site encounter cards (4 of each colour), 79 more asset/spell cards, and 8 new Investigators (including the Nun, Professor, Researcher & Farmhand!)
    Just before your head explodes with delight, there also a second Ancient One (Abhoth, Source of Uncleanliness) for the main board, as well as a new rule concept where you can become Impaired – LOSING skill dice.
    All in all, an extremely rewarding addition to the game, and as with all Fantasy Flight games, the components are beautiful and high quality – a must for all fans of the game!

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