Dragons Wild


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A fast-playing card game based on Rummy, with a deck of 1-8 number cards in 8 suits, each a different mythical creature, plus 6 wild Dragon cards.

Play a set or run of cards (meld) or play onto another meld. Score points for the number of cards you play – the multiplier decreases each round, so play as soon as you can for maximum points. The hard part is only being able to put cards in/on one meld each round. Buy the card you need by taking a penalty. Slap down a Wild to finish a meld or for extra points, but don’t get stuck with one at the end! Family-friendly and a light game that can be played while waiting for takeaways or another game to finish. Play with two packs to expand to 7-10 players!

Designer: Rhiannon McKinstry
Publisher: MKE Games
Player numbers: 2-6 Players
Recommended Age: 8+
Game Time: 5-20 minutes

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