Draftosaurus: Marina (Expansion)


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Draftosaurus: Marina expands the boundaries of your park and adds a new species to draft: plesiosauruses! This expansion for Draftosaurus adds a new double-sided board that each player can combine with their existing park to add a new river zone. Plesiosauruses are the only dino-meeples that can be placed in this part of the river, granting points at the end of the game. To move your plesiosaurus further down the river and earn more points, you must place specific other species in your park to unlock the dams one by one!

Designer: Antoine BauzaCorentin LebratLudovic MaublancTheo Riviere
Publisher: Ankama
Player numbers: 2-5 Players
Recommended Age: 8+
Game Time: 15-20 minutes

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This is not a stand-alone product and requires a copy of Draftosaurus to play.


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