Dominion: Seaside (Expansion)


Dominion: Seaside is an expansion for Dominion and/or Dominion: Intrigue which will take your Dominion experience to the next stage.


Dominion: Seaside adds an additional 26 Kingdom cards to Dominion. Its central theme is “your next turn” and allows you to sacrifice a not so great hand this turn, for a potentially fantastic next hand. This expansion also enables you to remove cards from your deck, which can then be drawn and added in again at a later stage.

Dominion: Seaside also includes cards which allow you to steal treasure from other players, place embargoes on goods and services, or move cards from the bottom of your deck to the top.

Dominion: Seaside is a fun and challenging expansion for the award winning Dominion series.

Designer:  Donald X. Vaccarino
Publisher:  Rio Grande Games
Player numbers:  2-4
Recommended Age:  13+
Game Time:  30 mins

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Product Contents:

  • 18 Player Mats (6 Island, 6 Pirate Ship, and 6 Native Village)
  • 15 Embargo Tokens
  • 25 Coins
  • 300 Cards:
    • 262 Kingdom Cards (26 decks)
      • 10 each of Embargo, Fishing Village, Native Village, Pearl Diver, Haven, Lighthouse, Ambassador, Lookout, Smugglers, Warehouse, Cutpurse, Navigator, Pirate Ship, Salvager, Sea Hag, Treasure Map, Caravan, Bazaar, Explorer, Ghost Ship, Treasury, Merchant Ship, Outpost, Tactician, Wharf
      • 12 Island Cards
    • 26 Place holder cards
    • 12 Blank Cards (11 with normal backs, 1 with a blue place holder back)
  • Storage Tray
  • Rulebook


This is not a stand alone product and requires a copy of Dominion to play.


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