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A fantastic gateway game that is ideal for a party atmosphere, Dixit is the deserving winner of the 2010 Spiel des Jahres award. Find out why!


Explore your creative side and get to know your opponents in Dixit, the Spiel des Jahres award winning card game.

Players each have a hand of unique cards designed with surrealistic artwork.  Placing one in the centre of the table face down, they offer a brief but subtle description of the image.  Other players put forward cards of their own that could also fit the same description.

Betting chips are then placed, and points are awarded according to who guessed what.  The trick is that the person who played the original card only gets points if some – but not all – opponents guess the correct card.

Great as a gateway game for a casual gaming experience, Dixit is a non-conventional design that works extremely well for newcomers and seasoned gamers alike.

Designer:  Jean-Louis Roubira
Publisher:  Asmodee, Libellud
Player numbers:  3-6 players
Recommended Age:  6+
Game Time:  30 mins

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Product Contents:

  • 84 cards featuring original artwork
  • One game board
  • Six wooden, rabbit-shaped player tokens
  • 36 voting tokens in six different colors
  • Rules

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