Dead of Winter: The Long Night


Dead of Winter: The Long Night is a stand alone game in its own right and an expansion for the cooperative zombie horror game for 2-5 players, Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game.

This game introduces the Raxxon location where horrible experiments will spill out into the town unless players can contain them.

Dead of Winter: The Long Night has players at a new colony location trying to survive with new survivors against brand new challenges. Can you handle being raided by members of other colonies? Will you explore more and unravel the mysteries of the Raxxon pharmaceutical location to find powerful items but release stronger enemies? Or will you upgrade your colony to help it better withstand the undead horde? These are all choices you will get to make in this new set, and if you want, you can mix in the survivors and cards from the original set to increase the variety even more.

Designer:  Jonathan Gilmour, Isaac Vega
Publisher:  Plaid Hat Games
Player numbers: 
2-5 players
Recommended Age: 
Game Time: 
45-210 mins

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Product Contents:

353 cards
107 tokens
20 Character Standees
30 Zombie Standees
20 Bandit Standees
19 Raxxon Experiment Standees
2 track markers
25 wound markers
9 locations
5 player reference sheets
1 colony board
100 plastic stands
30 action dice
1 exposure die
1 rulebook


Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies


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