Clack! (Damaged Copy)


PLEASE NOTE: This game has some damage to the box as shown in the Gallery Image.

CLACK! is both the name of the game and the sound that the magnetic discs in the game will make when you slap one against another – and slap them together you will as you’re trying to claim the right discs as quickly as possible.

To set up the game, lay out all 36 discs face up so that everyone can see the colored symbols on them. One player rolls the two dice – one showing colors, the other symbols – then everyone simultaneously tries to grab any discs showing the colored symbol determined by the die roll. If a die shows a white face instead of a color or symbol, then that characteristic is ignored for the round. For example, if the roll is white (i.e., blank) and red, then players can grab any disc with a red symbol. If both dice show white, then it’s a free-for-all, with players grabbing as many discs as possible!

Designer: Haim Shafir
Publisher: Amigo
Player numbers: 2-6
Recommended Age: 4+
Game Time: 10 mins

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Awards & Honours

2012 Vuoden Peli Children’s Game of the Year Winner
2012 Vuoden Peli Children’s Game of the Year Nominee
2012 Spiel des Jahres Kinderspiel Recommended
2012 Kinderspielexperten “5-to-9-year-olds” Nominee
2012 Japan Boardgame Prize U-more Award Winner
2012 Japan Boardgame Prize U-more Award Nominee


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