Citadels Classic

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Citadels Classic is an easily learned card drafting, set collection and bluffing game for 2-7 players who build a medieval fantasy city.

You have a rare opportunity. The kingdom has achieved an unprecedented level of prosperity, and as one of its great builders, you have been commissioned to build a new city from the ground up. However, this is a competition. If your city surpasses those of the other builders, you will earn the title of master builder and achieve lasting renown. If it does not, you will be rewarded with nothing at all. As eager as you are to shape the city of your dreams, you must also watch out for your opponents. They will do anything to ruin your plans and stop your city from being completed. You shouldn’t hesitate to do the same to them if you truly seek victory.

In the two-to-seven player card game Citadels Classic, you and your opponents vie to build the most magnificent medieval city. Citadels Classic brings you Bruno Faidutti’s game of card drafting and intrigue as it was first published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2002, with the characters as they were first visualized by Julien Delval. Featuring easy-to-learn rules and engaging social interactions, Citadels Classic is a perfect entry-level game for younger or less experienced gamers. This edition is both portable and affordable, enabling you to create the medieval cities of your dreams anywhere you want.

Designer:  Bruno Faidutti
Publisher:  Asmodee, Windrider Games
Player numbers:  2-7
Recommended Age:  10+
Game Time:  30-60 mins

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Product Contents:

8 character cards
68 district cards
7 reference cards
25 gold tokens
1 crown card

2 reviews for Citadels Classic

  1. Te Rangi


  2. Ria

    Well designed, nice graphics, great concept. Portable but with a good length of playtime. Our family have really enjoyed this game.

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