Catan: Seafarers – 5-6 Player Extension


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Product Description

With Catan: Seafarers- 5-6 Player Extension up to 6 players can now play and continue to explore the seas and islands surrounding Catan that was opened up in Catan: Seafarers expansion.

Catan: Seafarers- 5-6 Player Extension also includes several new scenarios, allowing players to add even more variety as they seek more of a challenge.

Please note: In order to use this product you also need Catan base game, Catan 5-6 player extension and Catan: Seafarers expansion.

This is a 5th Edition product. 5th Edition has different artwork on the front of the cards and tiles but the backs are the same and 5th Edition games and expansions are compatible with 4th Edition games and expansions.

The difference between 4th and 5th Edition:

5th Edition Catan looks like this:
Catan 5th Ed Sq
4th Edition The Settlers of Catan looks like this:
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