Bunny Bunny Moose Moose


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Bunny Bunny Moose Moose is a party game of animal mimicry for 3 – 6 players.

In this merry game, players take on the roles of rabbits and moose. While the hunter strolls through the forest, players are trying to look like an animal the hunter won’t shoot. And because they do so by making rabbit ears or moose antlers of various shapes on their heads, the spectators enjoy the game as well as the players.

The game might be funny, but don’t expect it to be too easy. You will need all your wit to run faster than others.

Game contains also an easier variant (suitable for children) and a more challenging variant (for veteran animals).

Designer:  Vlaada Chvátil
Publisher:  Czech Games Edition
Player numbers:   3 – 6 players
Recommended Age:  14+
Game Time:  20 mins

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Product Contents:

6 player cards (1 in each color)
15 trail cards
111 scoring cards
12 figures (1 rabbit and 1 moose in each color)
1 sheet with a poem on each side
1 rules



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