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Beans, beans, the magical fruit…work your magic and make money in the social trading classic that is Bohnanza!


Plant beans, reap the produce, and make a fortune in Bohnanza.

This simple trading game provides players with a variety of bean types, each with differing values and scarcity, but a limited number of fields to plant them in.

Trading with other bean growers is essential, because there’s no telling what bean types the deck might provide next.

With simple rules, high social interactivity, and fun artwork, Bohnanza is a great way to start or end an evening with a larger group of gamers.

Designer:  Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher:  Rio Grande Games
Player numbers:  2-7 players
Recommended Age:  13+
Game Time:  45 mins

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1 review for Bohnanza

  1. Shireen C

    I love Bohnanza and have played it lots over the years. It’s simple to learn and one that teaches to work together in order to win the game! It also teaches skills of trading with each other (co-operation and business) which are great to learn in the game and also in life!!
    The pictures of the different beans are well illustrated too.

    Thoroughly recommend this for families (and other board gamers) who want a fun but strategic game to play… it doesn’t take long to learn and it’s fun!!

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