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Product Description

Biblios is a light, card drafting, strategy game for 2-4 players set in medieval times.

In Biblios you are the head of a medieval monastery, your goal is to assemble the greatest book collection and build the most famous library. To that end, you need to acquire the necessary pigments for decorative lettering, hire the best copyists and reproduce the most precious works.

But you have only a limited amount of gold at your disposal to reach your goal. The trick is to part with the items in your collection at just the right time and to pay the lowest price for the works for which others will envy you. Finally, you must watch out for the bishops, who can ruin your plans on a whim!

Victory points are obtained by being ahead in one or more of the following categories: monks, pigments, holy books, manuscripts and forbidden tomes.

Designer:  Steve Finn
Publisher:  Iello
Player numbers:   2-4 players
Recommended Age:  10+
Game Time:  30 mins

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Product Contents:

  • 1 category level board
  • 5 special six-sided dice
  • 87 cards
  • 1 rulebook

2 reviews for Biblios

  1. epinema

    Biblios has such a simple mechanic but man it can leave with you a lot of tough decisions; is this the best card I will draw? Do I take it? Do I put it in the auction pile? Do I put it in the public space? Effectively you know ALMOST every pertinent detail in the game, minus the removed cards, but the draw will shape your strategy and even if that doesn’t pan out, you can manipulate the end scoring. So simple but so clever!

    I am not usually one for auction games but this has almost more of a betting feel to it, but you better not get caught without the gold to back up your lies!

    Biblios hits a similar spot as Sea of Clouds with a greater degree of control; while it may not be as exciting it is definitely more strategic with less take that.

    With all that said this is quite a relaxing game to play, it’s not a brain-burner, there’s very little conflict but it will definitely not lull you into complacency or boredom.

  2. JK

    One of the best “filler” games out there. Check out my review at

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