Between Two Cities

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It is the early 1800s, a time of immense construction and urbanization. You are a world-renowned master city planner who has been asked to redesign two different cities. Projects of such significance require the expertise of more than one person, so for each assignment you are paired with a partner with whom to discuss and execute your grandiose plans. Will your planning and collaborative skills be enough to design the most impressive city in the world?

Between Two Cities is a partnership-driven tile-drafting game in which each tile represents part of a city: factory, shop, park, landmarks, etc. You work with the player on your left to build one city while simultaneously working with the player on your right to build a second city. On each turn you select two tiles from your hand, reveal them, then work with your partners to place one of those tiles into each of your two cities before passing the remaining hand of tiles around the table.

At the end of the game, each city is scored for its architectural grandiosity. Your final score is the lower of the scores of the two cities you helped design and the player with the highest final score wins the game. To win, you have to share your attention and your devotion equally Between Two Cities.

Designer:  Ben Rosset, Matthew O’Malley, Morten Monrad Pedersen
Publisher:  Stonemaier Games
Player numbers:  3-7
Recommended Age:  8+
Game Time:  20-25 mins

The game features play for 3-7 players in 20-25 minutes, and includes 1 and 2 player variants.


Between Two Cities: Capitals

1 review for Between Two Cities

  1. Kyle

    Between Two Cities is a simple but interesting game hinged on one simple concept; build two cities, one with the player to the left of you, one with the player to the right of you, the lowest scoring city is your end score.

    Once you wrap your head around the counter-intuitive concept that you are working together, but not really the game is simple to learn, easy to play and encourages a high amount of social interaction (reasoning, debating, favouritism… arguing). As games only last around 20-30 minutes, competition doesn’t get vicious.

    The game can drag if played with very pedantic players who play with mathematical precision, keeping a running calculation on both of their cities to strike the perfect balance.

    Between Two Cities is a nice warm-up/cool-down game that sits somewhere between a filler and a heavier game.

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