Between Two Cities: Capitals (Expansion)

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Between Two Cities: Capitals is an expansion for the easily learnt tile drafting, partnership driven game for 3-7 players, Between Two Cities.

Now at the pinnacle of your career, you are sought after by two capital cities to build their city centers. Not only do you have to consider the natural features that were the reason for their founding, you also need to ensure the civic buildings are appropriately placed, and you must not forget to satisfy the citizens’ demands along the way.

Between Two Cities: Capitals expands the base game by adding several new challenges: landscapes, districts, and civic building tiles.
In more detail:

• Landscape mats give each city a unique layout to build on and around.
• Districts give players a majority bonus for connecting specific types of tiles.
• Civic building tiles are a new type of building tile; each unique civic building wants to be adjacent to two specific tile types (and not one specific tile type).

Designer: Ben Rosset, Matthew O’Malley
Publisher: Stonemaier Games
Player numbers: 3-7
Recommended Age: 8+
Game Time: 30-35 mins

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Product Contents:
21 Civic tiles
7 Landscape tiles
14 wooden city tokens
7 district cards
3 district scoring tiles
1 rulebook
1 Automa rulebook & 1 Automacity mat

This is not a stand alone product and requires a copy of Between Two Cities to play.

1 review for Between Two Cities: Capitals (Expansion)

  1. epinema

    Simple additions that fit naturally into a simple system:

    1. 3×3 Terrain Tiles – Increasing each city to 5×5 (as opposed to 4×4 in the base game) and adding geographical terrain features that need to be built around.

    2. Civic Buildings – A new type of building that scores conditionally based on having/not having certain buildings around it.

    3. District Scoring Tiles – End game additional scoring conditions. Cities with the most or second most of a grouping of certain types of buildings gain additional points.

    A great expansion for a solid game. This adds weight and huge variability to the game without making it too complex or overwrought. This expansion makes it harder to predict an absolute end of game count, take it as you will; it could be considered swingy or more engaging. Either way, you can teach this with the base-game without it being overkill. A very welcome addition.

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