Bob Marley may not have shot the sheriff, but you can play your part in a cowboy shootout in Bang!

Take part in a gunfight like those in classic Westerns with Bang!

Players take play the part of sheriff, deputy, outlaw, or renegade and target victory conditions that are specific to their role in this great player elimination game.

Relive the Spaghetti Westerns of old as you seek an advantage – get a weapon with longer ranger, a faster horse, or grab some beer at the saloon to restore your health!

Every cowboy knows that a shootout only ends when the last enemy is killed, so finish off your opponents with a Bang!

Designer:  Emiliano Sciarra
Publisher:  Asmodee
Player numbers:  4-7 players
Recommended Age:  8+
Game Time:  20-40 mins

Board Game Geek Listing

Product Contents:

  • 1 rule book
  • 7 summary cards
  • 7 player’s mat
  • 30 bullet tokens
  • 103 cards
    • 7 role cards (1 sheriff, 2 deputies, 3 outlaws, and 1 renegade)
    • 16 character cards with bullets on the back
      • Bart Cassidy, Black Jack, Calamity Janet, El Gringo, Jesse Jones, Jordonnais, Kit Carlson, Lucky Duke, Paul Regret, Pedro Ramirez, Rose Doolan, Sid Ketchum, Slab the Killer, Suzy Lafayette, Vulture Sam, and Willy the Kid
    • 80 playing cards
      • 25 Bang! cards
      • 12 Missed! cards
      • 6 Beer cards
      • 4 cards each – Cat Balou, Panic!
      • 3 cards each – Duel, Jail, Schofield
      • 2 cards each – Barrel, General Store, Indians, Mustang, Stagecoach, Volcanic
      • 1 card each – Dynamite, Gatling, Remington, Rev. Carbine, Saloon, Wells Fargo, Winchester, Appaloosa (or Scope, or Binocular depending on the version).

Card sleeve information if you wish to sleeve the cards in this product:

110 cards. Fantasy Flight sleeve size: Standard American – Green (FFS03, 50/pack) – (2-1/4” x 3-1/2″ – 57 x 89mm)


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