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Harvest the goods and sell them to customers in At The Gates Of Loyang, a clever trading game from the designer behind Agricola.

Plant goods, harvest them, and then sell them to customers in the deservedly popular game called At The Gates Of Loyang.

Players set to translate produce for victory points via growing, trading, buying and selling produce via the use of fields, markets, shops, customers, and helpers.

Set in ancient China, At The Gates Of Loyang provides a more simplistic gaming experience to its predecessor Agricola, while adding a card drafting mechanic to the experience.

The game also has a unique variation with 4 players, whereby two players partner up and interact exclusively with each other for that turn, providing the added benefit of speeding up the game.

If you’re not a big fan of conflict in games, or you just want to see a great game by an award-winning designer, At The Gates Of Loyang may be just what you’re looking for.


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