Arkham Horror


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Take on the role of 1920s investigators in Arkham Horror and protect the town from its monstrous visitors in this Lovecraftian themed cooperative title.

The town of Arkham needs your help!  Monsters lurk the streets as dimension gates open up as the Old Great One slumbers.

With a massive amount of components, Arkham Horror revolves around the players working together to close the dimension gates by investigating clues that are spread throughout the city.  Failure to close the gates will result in more horrible monsters appearing throughout Arkham until it is overrun.

And then…the Old Great One awakes, and you’re in for a torrid night!

Arkham Horror is just about dripping with theme, and if you enjoy being immersed into a storyline and working alongside your fellow players to remove a common evil, then this game is ideal.  And if you’re a fan of the writings of H.P.Lovecraft, it’s a must have title for your game collection.


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