Alhambra: Big Box

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Get the complete Alhambra series in one package with the Alhambra: Big Box!


If you’re a fan of Alhambra, and you want a bunch of the expansions to go with it, then the Alhambra: Big Box is ideal.

With the Alhambra base game and the first five expansions included, this is the most affordable way to get this award winning range.  And considering each expansion is comprised of four miniature expansions, you’re essentially getting twenty variations on the original game.

The Alhambra: Big Box is packaged so as to keep each expansion separate, so if you want the full Alhambra experience, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!

Designer:  Dirk Henn
Publisher:  Queen Games
Player numbers:  2-6
Recommended Age:  8+
Game Time:  45-60 mins

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1 review for Alhambra: Big Box

  1. Elaine

    Great family game that is varied enough each time you play so as not to be repetitive but at the same time providing opportunities to learn strategies. Packaged beautifully.

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