Agricola (revised edition)


Agricola is an award winning worker placement, resource building, card drafting game for 1-4 players.

Updated and streamlined for a new generation of players, Agricola, the award-winning and highly acclaimed game by Uwe Rosenberg, features a revised rulebook and gameplay, along with wood pieces and components for up to four players.

The 17th Century Was Not an Easy Time to be a Farmer. A game for 1-4 players ages 12 and up; play time is 30 minutes per player. Amazing replay value. The Agricola base game is a revised edition of Uwe Rosenberg’s celebrated classic. The game is designed for 1-4 players, features improved all-wood components and a card selection from the base game as well as its expansions, revised and updated for this edition. Players begin the game with two family members and can grow their families over the course of the game. This allows them more actions but remember you have to grow more food to feed your family as it grows! Feeding your family is a special kind of challenge and players will plant grain and vegetables while supplementing their food supply with sheep, wild boar and cattle. Guide your family to wealth, health and prosperity and you will win the game.

Agricola is a turn-based game. There are 14 game rounds occurring in 6 stages, with a Harvest at the end of each stage (after Rounds 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 14). Each player starts with two playing tokens (farmer and spouse) and thus can take two turns, or actions, per round. There are multiple options, and while the game progresses, you’ll have more and more: first thing in a round, a new action card is flipped over.

Problem: Each action can be taken by only one player each round, so it’s important to do some things with high preference. Each player also starts with a hand of 7 Occupation cards (of more than 160 total) and 7 Minor Improvement cards (of more than 140 total) that he/she may use during the game if they fit in his/her strategy. Speaking of which, there are countless strategies, some depending on your card hand. Sometimes it’s a good choice to stay on course, and sometimes it is better to react to your opponents’ actions.

Designer:  Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher:  Mayfair Games
Player numbers:   1-4 players
Recommended Age:  12+
Game Time:  30-120 mins

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Agricola: Expansion for 5 and 6 Players

Product Contents:

Game boards:
4 farmyards (player boards)
1 main game boards for the game actions
1 board for Major Improvements
2 board expansions (double sided)
120 cards:
48 yellow “Occupation” cards
48 orange “Minor Improvement” cards
10 red “Major Improvement” cards
14 Round cards with possible actions for rounds 1 to 14

Wooden playing pieces:
Player sets:
5 meeples, 4 stables and 15 fences in each of the four player colour (blue, purple, red and natural)

18 sheep
15 wild boar
13 cow

24 wheat
16 vegetable (pumpkin)

Resource tokens:
30 wood
24 clay
14 reed
16 stones
1 Yellow starting player piece

Cardboard tiles:
23 field/wood hut
16 clay/stone hut
2 game variant tile
1 second job tile

36 food
8 ‘5 food’
10 multiply/begging
3 suggestion marker

10 plastic bags for component storage
1 Set of rules
1 Appendix
1 Scoring pad

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  1. Craig

    Builds slowly into complexity, which I like. It means you can pick things up as you go. There’s multiple routes to victory, which I like, and you don’t get punished too much for making poor choices early in the game.


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