Hot New Game of 2021: Hadrian’s Wall Review

Hadrian’s Wall is a strategic, hand management, pencil and paper board game.

David played this game last month at Board Games by the Bay. He enjoyed it so much, he asked for a copy for his birthday.

Here is a great review from friend and fellow Hadrian’s Wall fan Telina.

I am obsessed with this game. If you start saying “do you want to play…” I will finish your sentence with “Hadrian’s Wall?” A brilliant pen and paper game (no dice so can’t call it a roll and write) with heaps of choice and strategy. I love that you can choose where to put your focus and it is so balanced that it can work whatever you choose.

Each year you begin with a simple choice – which card becomes part of your path (end game goals) and which do you use for resources. Then you have to choose how you are going to protect your citizens from the next Pict attack, how can you get enough builders for your wall or soldiers for your guard. Then what’s the best use for your civilians, as they generally give you the most points. It’s a deeply satisfying game that resonates with me on a molecular level. Cannot recommend it highly enough. 10/10

You can buy Hadrian’s Wall on Seriously Board.

David and Helen


  1. Chris Priscott on May 13, 2021 at 7:05 am

    Oh wow, that’s some high praise! First time I’ve heard of this but will definitely check it out now. Would you recommend it for 2 players or does it work better with more (I spotted it goes up to 6)?

    • David Hunt on May 13, 2021 at 8:26 am

      I have still only played one game, so this is just a first impression (and a quick scan of the rules).

      Hadrian’s Wall is mostly a solo endeavour as you try to figure out how best to spend that round’s resources. This is a cascade as most actions give you more resources.

      As Telina’s review mentions, at the start of each round you draw two cards. One you store as an end game goal, the other (called a Prospect Card) gives you resources. The Prospect Card also allows players to the right and left additional Trade Goods and Scouting Patterns – but at a resource cost that goes to you. I see for solo and two-player games there is a Neutral Deck of Player Cards to simulate at least 3 players.

      So the number of players really doesn’t affect gameplay


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