Social, Fun (sometimes drinking) Games

So, our two adult sons enjoy social games that are fun to play, easy to pick up and able to cater for a group.  We have played Werewolf with them before (and enjoyed it).

When we purchased Seriously Board, they asked whether we sold Cards against Humanity.  We did not stock it… but we do now. We went away this weekend to Taranaki and decided that game testing was a great way to spend time with friends and work at the same time.

Games that were played included Caverna, The Gaia Project, Catan and Cards against Humanity.  I loved Cards against Humanity, but please heed this warning this is NOT a politically correct  game! The rating on this game is ages 17+ and I can certainly see why.  It is rude, very rude.

The set contains lots of cards, a very large white deck that are potential answers to a smaller black deck of questions.  Players start off with a hand of ten answer cards, that is replenished after each round. The first person takes a question card and reads it aloud.  All other players choose a card from their hand and give it face down to the reader who then reads aloud the answers. The reader then chooses the best answer.

We played this game after breakfast so no alcohol was consumed.  I can only imagine how much funnier the game would be after a few.  I loved this game but it wouldn’t suit everyone, the answers are very offensive.  

Do you have recommendations for social games that cater for many people?  We would love to hear your suggestions.

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David and Helen