Caverna adventures

We enjoy roleplaying as well as playing board games. At present we play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons every Sunday evening. I play a dwarven cleric named Bronaugh. We played Caverna recently and I loved the adventuring aspect that is so familiar to all roleplayers.

Caverna is a worker placement game like Agricola. It has less cards and variability than Agricola which to my mind makes it an easier play. The pieces represent dwarves – much like my Bronaugh. As well as farming you can also mine, and go on expeditions.

With each expedition you can gain one to four resources as loot depending on the action space you choose. Much like experience in an RPG, Dwarves gain a weapon level with each expedition. This is reflected via helmets that change numbers and gain embellishments. Higher weapon levels give you access to better loot resources.

The design is simple and effective at the same time. This game is well worth a look and a play.

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David and Helen