Architects of the West Kingdom

I gave David a copy of the new Garphill Game, Architects of the West Kingdom, for Christmas.  Hint: this is a great way to play more games. We have played it several times since Christmas and each time it just gets better.  

If you love Raiders of the North Sea, you will definitely love Architects of the West Kingdom.  It has a different feel, but has all the awesome mechanics that are so appealing with a Graphill Game.  This building game has you send out meeples to collect resources and labour so you can help build the cathedral and your own structures.  

You do not have to be honest as there is a black market that you can take advantage off.  Beware the prison and loss of virtue however if you go down this path. I am looking forward to playing this with more people as with two players, it finishes way too fast.


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David and Helen