Crafty Catan

So you’re a fan of Catan but not so keen on the game board?

Do you prefer trading wood to handling cardboard?

See what a Canadian gamer did with some spare plywood and a healthy dose of creativity…

Start off by buying Settlers Of Catan so that you can work out your dimensions and to provide you with a basic overview of what the end result should be.

Now that you know what layout you want, you need to gether your materials and tools.  In this case, plenty of spare plywood did the trick.

The first part of the game that is worth making is the basic hex -shaped terrain pieces.  Just the bases will suffice for now.

Having made the bases for your terrain pieces, you need to spend a bit of time designing what each resource type should look like.

Now you can spend time carefully crafting the coastline.  Make sure you leave measured gaps for the ports!

With the shoreline taken care of, it’s time to start making pieces for the terrain and gluing them together.

You’re going to need a wooden game board to put everything onto.  A circular shape provides a more elegant look.

Now it’s time to glue terrain onto the hex bases, and then onto the circular board.  Almost there!

A bit of spit and polish – or paint, if you’re pedantic – wouldn’t go amiss.  Looking good!

And finally, you’re ready to play!  Just don’t lose track of your settlements behind those giant ore deposits!  (Oh, and Lego Indiana Jones sold separately!)

For much more detailed instructions on this process and more photos, go here.

But if that just isn’t big enough for you, check out the custom Catan board these guys made:

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