Life Size Mouse Trap

It’s the first day back at work after the long weekend for most of us, so let SeriouslyBoard provide you with a bit of light entertainment…

1963 was an unforgettable year for New Zealand.  Keith Holyoake was Prime Minister, Tauranga became a city, and North Shore United beat the Nomads of Christchurch 3-1 in the Chatham Cup final.  (And that’s about it!)

1963 was also the year that a classic board game was launched.  Its name: Mouse Trap.

I’ve never played Mouse Trap.  Oh, sure, I put the trap together and set it off numerous times, but the game itself?  I can’t say that I’ve actually read the rules.

Launched with the fanfare befitting a 1963 media swarm, Mouse Trap had this original commercial:

Almost 50 years later, someone decided to make a life size version that weighs more than 11 tonnes! And, true to the original, it rarely works.  This was one of the few successful attempts:

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