Dice Tower Design – Lego Style!

One of the things we love most about the board gaming community is its willingness to encourage creativity. We also love the fact that we get to play games as a pastime! 

We figure you feel the same, and that’s why we wanted to show you these great Lego dice towers… 

Now for those of you who are new to dice towers, the concept is simple: a vertical prism with angled interior walls allows the dice to spin and tumble as gravity spits them out of the base. 

The result is about as random as…well…just rolling the dice normally, but some of the designs are pretty cool – especially when they’re made from Lego bricks!

The king of dice towers: the self loader!  (More on this one later.)

This tower with a space theme might be a bit overkill for Battlestar Galactica‘s solitary dice.

This Arkham Horror themed dice tower looks fantastic!

 Nothing to do with board gaming, but a very impressive Harry Potter design nonetheless.

 This Arabian themed tower makes one wish for more dice in Tales Of The Arabian Nights.

Now, back to the self-loading dice tower:

Does anyone else suddenly fancy a game of Dice Town?

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