Carcassonne Endurance!

Are there some days when you’d rather be playing a board game than working?  Well, if that were to happen, you might have just enough time for a single game of Carcassonne!

I can hear the uproar already.

“Madness!” you cry. “Ludicrous!  A game of Carcassonne shouldn’t take an entire work day to play!”

Normally, yes.  But not when you put numerous sets of Carcassonne along with Carcassonne: The Tower, Carcassonne: The Princess & The Dragon, and other expansions together for a mega-game of the tile laying classic.

Just like these people, who spent a whopping 9 hours playing the game:

As for who won?  Well, by the time the game finally reach its conclusion, it was 3am, and everybody was too exhausted to care!

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David and Angela