Undead of Winter – Contest

During the mid-winter board game convention in the small town of Bitterfalls, the dead come back to attack the living.  Now a rag-tag group of survivors must find the means of survival in an unfamiliar town by following rumours while not falling prey to the ravenous zombie hoard.

Welcome to our Un-Dead of Winter Contest! We hope it captures the flavour of the very cool 🙂  Dead of Winter games.

Each week there will draw for $25 worth of store credit for those players whose group meet the week’s crisis and have at least one living survivor.

To enter, fill out the worksheet at the bottom of the page and post to mail@seriouslyboard.co.nz (subject: contest) by Sunday 12 pm

You can begin a new group each week. However, there will be a final draw for $25 worth of store credit for those players whose group survives the whole game.

How to Play

1) Choose four survivors to join your group.

Each survivor has their own abilities to contribute:

  • Influence: helps with your group’s Morale.  
  • Attack: helps you fight off the un-dead.
  • Search: helps you find more resources.  

Some survivors also have initial resources to contribute to your group.

(Survivor list PDF)

2) Determine your group’s Morale

Your group begins with Morale equal to your survivor with the highest Influence + 3 (round down).  

If your group’s Morale ever drops lower than the number of survivors, those with the lowest influence will abandon the group until number of survivors equals the Morale

3) Meet each week’s crisis.

Each week you must face a crisis where you will have to find 4 additional resources of one type – failure to do so will cost your group 1 Morale per missed resource.

Players whose group meet the weekly challenge will go into a draw for $25 worth of store credit

Week One Crisis: We need fuel for the compound generators (Find 4 Fuel)

4) Follow rumours to find resource locations

There are rumours of where resources can be found, along with photo fragments gathered from the local realtor of their location.   The game begins with 10 rumours, and others will be added as the game progresses. Find the game page whose image contains that photo fragment to locate resources.

The types of resources are (from easiest to hardest to locate)  

  • Food: Stops loss of Morale due to starvation
  • Fuel: Allows your group travel without risk of exposure.   
  • Bullets: Prevents your weaker group members from being wounded by zombies.
  • Medicine: Cures a wounded survivor and prevents them from dying at the end of the week

Your group begins with 1 Food and 1 Fuel plus what resources a survivor might bring

When you find a location, you can mount an expedition.  You may perform 4 expeditions per week so choose wisely.

(Initial Rumours PDF)

5) Mount expeditions to resource locations

When you mount an expedition, choose which survivors are going by checking their Abilities against the location’s attributes.  Here is an example of what you find on its games page

(appears smaller on page, click on icon to get full image)


Travel is hazardous in these freezing conditions.  Before you reach the location you must spend 1 Fuel or the survivor on the expedition with the least Influence will suffer a wound from exposure.  A wounded survivor cannot take part in expeditions including this one.

Zombie Threat Value

This is the threat zombies pose at this location.

Any survivor on the expedition whose Attack ability is less than the Zombie Threat will die.  

However, you can increase a survivor’s Attack ability by 1 for each bullet spent.

In the example, if your group contains 4 unwounded survivors whose Attack abilities are 5, 4, 3 and 2, you will need to:

  • spend 1 Bullet to keep the survivor with 3 Attack from being
    killed , and
  • spend 2 Bullets to keep the survivor with 2 Attack being killed

So it would be safe to only take survivors with 5 and 4 Attack if you have no bullets to use.

Resources List

A location contains a list of the types of resources to be found and the difficulty value to find them.  Each group member with a Search ability equal to or exceeding a resource’s difficulty value gathers 1 of that resource

In the example, if your group contains 4 unwounded survivors whose Search abilities are 5, 4, 3 and 2, you will find:

  • 3 Food, and
  • 2 Bullets

So the survivor with 2 Search need not go on this expedition.

6) Determine your end of week result

At the end of the week you need to:

  1. Spend a Medicine on each wounded survivor or that survivor will die.  If a survivor dies the group’s Morale drops by 2.
  2. Spend a Food for each remaining survivor or the group’s Morale drops by 1.
  3. Meet the week’s crisis condition or the group’s Morale drops by the number of resources missed.

7) Vote for your favourite outcome in our Friday Crossroads dilemma .

At the end of the week a tough decision must be made that affects the fate of the residents of Bitterfalls.  This dilemma will be posted on facebook with two possible outcomes, the outcome with the most ‘likes’ is what the town vote decides.  These outcomes will affect all player parties at the start of the next week.