Un-Dead of Winter Contest – Friday Crossroads Dilemma: Toby

Among the new survivors from the bus is a young man named Toby. He is a likeable joker whose amusing antics have helped raise spirits in these grim times. Today Toby has been caught stealing food from the town supplies – a crime punishable by banishment.  He confessed immediately that it was a prank that went too far. A town meeting has been called to decide Toby’s fate.

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Outcome A:  “Let him off with a warning”

The act was not malicious and Toby is unlikely to ever do this again.  But such leniency would encourage others though, and the lack of discipline would be bad for morale. All groups lose 1 morale and start the week with -1 Food, this may take your supplies negative.

Outcome B:  “Send him to lockup”

But the compound does not have a good lockup so Toby would need to be guarded. All groups must leave one survivor at base during each expedition this week.  The survivor is on guard duty at that time.

Outcome C:  “The rules say he must be banished”

This would mean almost certain death for Toby.  But it is the rules, so a just but depressing outcome.  All groups lose 2 Morale.