Un-Dead of Winter Contest – Friday Crossroads Dilemma: Escape!

Our Un-Dead of Winter Contest is drawing to a close with one last Friday Dilemma.  This will not affect play for this week’s $25 store credit draw. It will affect those playing for the final $25 store credit draw for surviving the whole Contest. 

To be in the final draw you will need a minimum of 1 surviving group member and 1 morale.


The news spread through the town like wildfire.  While in lockup, someone allowed Toby a broken ham radio to play with.  Toby managed to get it going and made contact with a nearby Military Base.  They have a safe perimeter and more than enough provisions for the entire town!  

They also have a helicopter, and have offered a pick up.  However, they won’t have room for everybody, worse the noise of the helicopter will bring every zombie in town to the compound.  No one left behind would survive.

The town could evaluate by road, there are enough vehicles for everyone.  But do we have enough fuel? The trip would hazardous enough without having to walk.

Alternatively, the town could wait for a rescue party due to arrive in four weeks.  But do we have enough food for the wait?

A town meeting has been called to decide the best plan of action.

Vote for your favourite outcome on our Facebook page.  The one with the most LIKES is decided.

Outcome A:  “Send for the helicopter, at least some of us will survive.”

Survivors with 3 or more Influence are rescued.  All groups lose 2 Moral for each abandoned group member.

Outcome B:  Let’s all make a run for it.”

You will need to fight your way there.  Bullets will need to be spent to keep survivors with low Attack values alive.  Groups with 4 remaining Fuel can drive there – the trip is Zombie Hazard 3. Otherwise, the escape is made on foot –  Zombie Hazard 5.

Outcome C:  “We should wait for rescue .”

Groups need 1 Food per survivor for 4 weeks (i.e. 16 food for 4 survivors).  For each week without sufficient Food, Morale drops by 2.