Un-Dead of Winter Contest – End Game

Week Three Contest Draw

Congratulations Dawn Quigley, winner of the $25 store credit draw for week three entrants.  

Survival Contest Draw

Congratulations Darren Beckham, winner of the $25 store credit draw for entrants whose groups survived the full game.  

Week Three Friday Crossroads Dilemma: Escape!

The news spread through the town like wildfire.  While in lockup, someone allowed Toby a broken ham radio to play with.  Toby managed to get it going and made contact with a nearby Military Base.  They have a safe perimeter and more than enough provisions for the entire town!  

They also have a helicopter, and have offered a pick up.  However, they won’t have room for everybody, worse the noise of the helicopter will bring every zombie in town to the compound.  No one left behind would survive.

The town could evaluate by road, there are enough vehicles for everyone.  But do we have enough fuel? The trip would hazardous enough without having to walk.

Alternatively, the town could wait for a rescue party due to arrive in four weeks.  But do we have enough food for the wait?

A town meeting has been called to decide the best plan of action.

Elected Outcome C: “We should wait for rescue .”

Groups need 1 Food per survivor for 4 weeks (i.e. 16 Food for 4 survivors).  For each week without sufficient Food, Morale drops by 2.

Ending: Rescue

It was a long four weeks, but when the military rolled in everyone agreed the decision to wait had been the right one. Moral had remained good through the ordeal. Some had gone hungry, but no survivor had given up hope.  Despite his transgression Toby became the town hero – even if he did suffer some good-natured ribbing about being eaten when the supplies ran out.