Ticket to Ride: Boarding Now

This month we have 15% off our Ticket to Ride collection.

We have also created a contest – Ticket to Ride: Boarding Now, with $100.00 store credit in prices.

Players will be completing tracks around Aotearoa / New Zealand.  The clues are geography based, find the game that the clues point to and take a note of the destination ticket.

Games with a ticket will have a 10% discovery discount.  Use the code on the ticket to gain this discount.

Download the resource pdfs for:

  • The rules for the contest including a colour map of Aotearoa.
  • A game sheet for you to fill in and send to mail@seriouslyboard.co.nz (it’s black-and-white so feel free to do some colouring-in)

Phase One of the contest ends on Sunday 18th August at 12pm.  All entries will go into a draw for $25 store credit. Entries with the most points will go into an additional draw for $25 store credit.

Don’t be dismayed if your Big Ticket can’t be completed in Phase One – Phase Two will help fix that.

Phase Two will bring more colour cars, tickets to discover, and maybe a surprise or two.