Why Purchase Board Games from Seriously Board?

By David and Helen / April 8, 2021

For us, the reasons are obvious.  Because we love to play board games we do our best to offer great quality games at competitive pieces.  We wrap our games carefully before transit so that they arrive in perfect condition.   We use a courier that for the North Island delivers overnight to urban addresses. I’m sorry…

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Depth and strategy with just enough luck: Explorers of the North Sea Review

By David and Helen / March 24, 2021

Explorers is my favourite game of the trilogy and made even better if you get the expansion. Really easy to learn/teach, we’ve even introduced it to non-gamers with everyone enjoying it. It’s got plenty of depth and strategy with just enough luck in the tiles that you draw. You always feel like you’re doing something…

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Fast, challenging, and quick to learn: Carnival of Monsters Review

By David and Helen / March 23, 2021

I love this game! It is a card drafting game that has the most beautiful artwork. Collect land cards, then capture creatures that originate from these lands. Hire staff and work to achieve secret goals. The game lasts over 4 seasons but honestly, it could go on for much longer. The gameplay is fast, challenging,…

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End of Financial Year Sale

By David and Helen / March 12, 2021

The end of the financial year is a great time for a sale.  You, our customers, get a great deal and we have less stock to count 🙂 So, spend $100 or more and use the code EOFY to get a 15% discount on the entire order! This offer runs until the end of March…

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Check out our new look!

By David and Helen / March 4, 2021

As we were updating our website software, we took the opportunity to give the site a facelift. Behind the scenes everything is pretty much the same – but if you do encounter any issues please let us know. Cheers David and Helen

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Meri Kirihimete!

By David and Helen / December 24, 2020

Christmas is a particularly fun time if you are lucky enough to have young people in your lives.  While our two adult sons live close, it is our 10 month old grandson who lives with us who will be experiencing Christmas for the first time.  He is likely to be totally spoiled by his first…

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Kick and chase for a try – Rugby: The Game Review

By David and Helen / November 13, 2020

The components of Rugby: The Game are great quality and strongly themed. Only 40 of the 115 General Play cards are used each game, which ensures variation. Setup is easy, and once learned the game flows very smoothly. It is full of moments that feel very thematic, where you kick and chase for a try…

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New Site Feature: Address Autocomplete

By David and Helen / February 25, 2020

Introducing our latest site feature – Address Autocomplete.  When you begin entering an address, you can choose a suggested address from the popup list. This means that if a typo, invalid postcode or partially correct address fragment is entered, you can still find the right address. Please note: Our courier only delivers to street addresses,…

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Welcome to the Age of Artisans

By David and Helen / February 24, 2020

Seriously Board is proud to welcome to its store the first expansion for Architects of the West Kingdom – Age of Artisans. In addition to including components for an extra player, Age of Artisans adds the new Craft Cards, a dual-layered Guildhall Board, two new Player Boards and a variety of new Apprentices and Buildings. We are…

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New Site Feature: Wait List

By David and Helen / February 11, 2020

Our Uwe Rosenberg Sale is off with a rip and a roar.  So much so we ran out of some products. Fortunately, replacement stock has arrived and more is on its way.   This would be a good time to introduce our latest site feature – the Wait List. When one of our products is out…

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By David and Helen / January 24, 2020

Loved by so many at Board Games by the Bay, Seriously Board has just four copies left of their early delivery of Crimopolis.  The bad news, sadly one of them is damaged.  The good news, we have 15% off our already discounted damaged games – this month only! If you want to see what everyone…

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Merry Christmas from Seriously Board

By David and Helen / December 24, 2019

We would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas time. We hope you all have lots of lovely friends and family time with great board games under your tree. While we hope that some of the board games came from Seriously Board, we know that no matter where you get them…

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