Winter Wonder Sale

By David and Helen / June 15, 2022

With over 200 titles discounted, including Sushi Go!In this fast-playing card game, you must grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by Ultimate Werewolf LegacyDiscover the Werewolves while being eliminated one at a time, with outcomes affecting the remaining games. First MartiansTeam up to battle the hostile Martian environment and a host of…

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We Have Covid – Again

By David and Helen / May 4, 2022

The year 2022 keeps on giving – we have Covid in our household again.  As neither Helen nor I tested positive last time we are having to go into isolation again. Our packaging and delivery service will be postponed until Wednesday the 11th of May, or until the last whaanau member is covid free.  We…

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Covid Free!

By David and Helen / March 23, 2022

Our isolation is over.  Our grandson was very lucky even though we were all worried as he struggled to fight the virus.  We are six in our whaanau and yesterday everyone but our grandson tested negative.  Thank you very much to everyone who sent us such lovely well wishes. David is still a bit under…

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We Have Covid

By David and Helen / March 15, 2022

Seriously Board is a small board game company run by David (with a little help from Helen).  Our stock and packing materials are stored at home, so when we become sick this may affect our service.  David has been unwell for 7 weeks now (not Covid) so Seriously Board has been running with less than…

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Delivery Delays this Christmas

By David and Helen / December 5, 2021

Seriously Board uses NZ Couriers as their courier by choice. We have had a much better experience with parcels arriving safely and in the right place from NZ Couriers than any other company we have tried. All New Zealand Courier companies seem to be struggling with an overload of parcels this month. Please order your…

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Post-Lockdown Shipment

By David and Helen / September 10, 2021

A big shipment has just arrived! Check out these great titles that are back in stock:

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Best Boardgames for Lockdown

By David and Helen / August 25, 2021

Level 4 has hit Aotearoa again. Whaanau are keeping safe in their homes except for those brave essential workers who risk their own health and safety for our well-being. Our bubble this time around has an 18-month-old mokopuna (grandchild), he was six weeks old at the beginning of last year’s lockdown. Two years ago, David…

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9 Fun Games to Play With Friends at Parties

By David and Helen / August 13, 2021

Looking for some great social games to take to gatherings. Here are 9 neat games that are easy to carry and fun to play. Just One A cooperative party game in which you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible. Find the best clue to help your teammate. Be unique, as all…

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7 Popular Games from Winter is Passing

By David Hunt / August 3, 2021

Helen and I had an awesome time at this year’s Winter is Passing event. Here is a list of games that were popular with attendees- Flipology A simple game with strategic cleverness. Arrange your cards in a face-down row. Each turn, flip a card and follow its instructions. Cards can flip other cards in your…

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5 Top Dexterity Games

By David and Helen / July 23, 2021

Seriously Board has created a whole new category of games! Well, reorganized a section of games into their own new category – Dexterity Games. What are Dexterity Games? Dexterity-based tabletop games require dexterity to play – surprise! While they may require some strategic prowess, these games mostly involve tasks that use your hands.  From flicking…

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10 Best Board Games for Kids

By David and Helen / July 16, 2021

Schools out – but the learning doesn’t stop with these great games for kids.   Good quality games played for fun can make learning a happy experience and give pleasure to young learners. Here are 10 of our best games for Kids that won’t break the bank. Fun and learning! Shh, don’t tell the kids 🙂…

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Quizzes, Shared Storytelling and More: King Shag Review

By David and Helen / July 9, 2021

King Shag is an educational party game that can be played with 4 or more players Have you ever been drinking with friends when someone suggests playing Kings Cup but then no one can remember the rules? King Shag is Shannon Brocas’ twist on the classic drinking game. It comes with the rules ready to go,…

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